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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good friends and blessings!!

Five years ago one of my best friends called and said, hey, a friend of mine is moving to town to go do her Ph.D work at a university there and her apartment won't be ready until two weeks after school starts. Can she stay with you for the two weeks?

I said sure. That two weeks became two months thanks to back to back hurricanes preventing the moving people from delivering her stuff.

One of my early dates with Mr. SLS was a play that we went to with that short-term guest and some other friends. She pegged him as "the one" that night, deciding she liked him after she saw how he handled me. That short-term guest would coordinate my wedding and reception.

She's taken care of my cats -- buying them gifts and treats -- driven my mama back to our hometown, taken care of my little cousin, checked up on my other friend pursuing a Ph.D and just in general been a damn good friend.

Today, she came by to help me get my stuff together for my graduate school application.

My grandma says some folks are a blessing. This friend has definitely been a blessing to me.


  1. What a sweet story! Things happen for a reason and friendship has to be one of the best ones!

  2. How sweet is that? I love how your generosity came back to bless you so many times over!


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