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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Helping hands

Last week I was running late. OK, I'm lateish everyday but last week I was running later than usual because Mr. SLS wasn't going to school so he got up later and he's my clock.

Anyways, I jumped up and said, DAMN! I have 20 mins to get to work! I run for the shower and tell Mr. SLS to pull some stuff out for me to put on.

I get out of the shower and see that he has dug down deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in my drawer underneath many, many, MANY pairs of underwear and found some red lace boyshorts that I not only would not ever wear to work, I have never worn outside our bedroom.

I look at him, look at the panties, look at him and blink.

He says, "Well, I knew you would need underwear...."


  1. Tiffany In Houston10/28/2009

    Bwahahahahahahaa! That made my morning!!!


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