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Monday, November 9, 2009

Good towels, clawfoot tubs and other aimless ramblings

My husband's house was a true bachelor pad when I met him. His living room was filled with instruments, cds, records, sheet music, music stands and bicycles. Don't get me wrong, it was clean, but it was junky as hell in here. My house was comfortable and even today people prefer my house over his house.

But one thing that stood out to me is he had some good damn towels. Nice and thick. Fluffy. Smelling good.

Now that our linens are combined we have more towels than we know what to do with and no room for storing them.

In fact we are bursting out of this house and wish things would move a little faster with my house so that we can move forward on buying a bigger house together.

We've found one we like that fits the budget we have set and it's on a great street. It would need some work and that's cool, too, cause then I can get the kitchen and bathroom I want with all the trimmings. I hate all the granite-covered bathrooms that are en vogue today. I like beadboard and clawfoot tubs. Subway tiles. Something along the lines of this:

I also sort of like this kitchen, though I wonder how do you keep something like that clean??????

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  1. Those rooms are gorgeous. I'm with you on the old fashioned style. It's more home-like or something. When I was on the road, all of the hotels were starting to get those speckled granite countertops and I just thought they looked like throw up! I guess it doesn't show dirt though. But the thought of not being able to see dirt that might be there creeps me out too!

    Good luck selling your house - it's fun planning ways to make a new house look beautiful.


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