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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas redux

It was a great day. All the dishes I took over to the in-laws were eaten up. The gifts were loved. The vibe was fun with lots of laughter and gaiety.

Our niece loved the gift my mama gave her and played with it from the time she opened it until the time we left. What really made my day was when Mr. SLS' sister and her husband left, our niece and nephew (his brother's kids) jumped up and down screaming: "AUNTIE [my name] and UNCLE [hubby's name] ARE STAYING! AUNTIE [my name] and UNCLE [hubby's name] ARE STAYING! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" So I guess we are ALL on the same page in reference to Mr. SLS' sister. LOL!

That said, Mr. SLS' sister cried when she opened our gift. Apparently the idea that we picked out something that was so perfect for her overwhelmed her. His sister is very hippy dippy and emotional so while the reax was a little bit much it wasn't out of character for her.

Anyway, gotta get back to my family. Type at ya later!

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