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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas mes amies!

Well I am loving my gifts so far, which include a flip video and a ca-ute dress. Mr. SLS also got me another iTrip for my car, which is a standing joke between us because he has had to buy me one for every year we've been together because I keep tearing them up. Meanwhile he's had the same one pretty much the whole time.

What's really funny is I said we should get my mom a new phone for her house cause I swear every-damn-time I call her that phone is crackling or about to die or something. Well, apparently me, my brother AND her boyfriend all were disgusted with that phone and all got her the same thing. She laughed and laughed and laughed. We'll take ours back and get her this book she wants and some other things.

I baked two pumpkin pies last night with my gingersnap and walnut crust and topped with my homemade cranberry sauce. I also got my sweet potato souffle ready so I could pop it into the oven this a.m. after putting the topping on it (I used crushed pecans, crushed cinnamon cookies, light brown sugar, butter and a little flour for the topping) and in a bit I'll make the oyster stuffing. We're going to Mr. SLS' brother's house and it will be fun to watch the kids open their presents.

All in all, not a bad morning. Hope yours is as lovely and that you are sharing it with your loved ones.

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