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Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm rarely bored...

One of my old roommates never understood how I was never bored. She wasn't a reader and on a rainy or really cold day would watch TV til that got old and then be left with nothing to do. Plus her main hobby was shopping.

I have a younger brother as you know but we were raised pretty much like only children because of the gap in ages and I learned early on how to amuse myself. As long as I have books to read, I am fine. I also don't need to connect with people all of the time.

I'm an introvert (I know I have friends reading this now saying STOP LYING!, but it's the truth). I have to work at being social and friendly. I am terrible in big groups. All of that is tiresome and draining for me. I prefer more one-on-one interaction or smaller groups.

It's hard to get close to me. It amazes me sometimes the people who consider me a friend and refer to me as friend that I consider an acquaintance.

As is often the case here lately, this blog post is pretty much about nothing. Sorry. Lost my blogjo.


  1. I thought you were going somewhere with this - maybe it's about friendship? the importance of reading?

  2. I have no idea Lottie. Just rambling.


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