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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing my cat babies

Last fall we took my cats down to stay with my mom. Our space got tight with the addition of my things and they had begun to need more attention than we could provide.

My family loves my cats and my mom wanted company so it was a win-win because I could still be connected to them. They are now my mother's cats. She spoils them with daily treats and my aunt visits and brings them treats and rubs bellies for hours on end and my uncle visits and scratches ears for hours on end -- cat heaven! that's where they are now. My mama is happier. I did the right thing.

But I still miss them bouncing all over the bed in the morning trying to get me to wake up and feed them and following me around and walking on my head and purring in my ear. I've been watching these videos for the past couple of days and laughing laughing laughing.

This one reminds me of my orange tabby:

And this one reminds me of my gray tabby:


  1. I love those - it makes me feel less guilty for not missing certain aspects of cat ownership.

  2. the cats are making room for someone else.


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