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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your goals for 2010?

Did you set some goals for 2010? Financial goals, relationship goals, career goals, family goals?

I always start off the year with a list of goals, usually focused on finances, because I like money. LOL! But they also often involve personal enrichment goals -- taking a class, learning a new skill, experiencing something NEW, expanding my horizons.

As a couple we set some financial goals last year that we didn't quite achieve but we didn't completely blow off either. I also had the goal of getting my house situated one way or the other by Dec. 31. That goal was accomplished. I wanted to lose some weight, and I did that, too.

We set some new financial goals this year and began putting our plans into action immediately. I intend to lose more weight this year and become more active. I'm thinking about taking some pole dancing lessons. Why? I dunno. Cause. Mr. SLS said that was a limited "goal" as we are not putting a pole up in our house. LOL!

Anyway, this is rambling but there is a point in there somewhere: What are your goals?


  1. Tiffany In Houston1/10/2010

    I wrote out some goals yesterday actually. I have to now discuss with M2 (it's weird having to run my thoughts by someone). He is not the putting down on paper type but he wants to hear what I've come up with and give his input. Fancy that..LOL!!

  2. I also have a list of goals at the start of every year. I always want to lose weight. This year is no different. Career wise, I want to write more. On the personal front, I would like to meet a nice, kind, caring guy for companionship and friendship.


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