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Sunday, February 14, 2010

#HappyVday with the Sassy peeps!

Tonight we took a couples cooking class at CulinAerie in downtown D.C. and had a great time. It was a more creative way to spend the holiday as opposed to going to a restaurant.

Here's the menu:

Oyster stew with Pancetta

Braised lamb shanks with saffron and cardamom

Phyllo Bundles of Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache and Raspberries

Rocket salad and still and sparkling wines to accompany each course

We knocked the oyster stew out of the park! I'll be making that again most indeedly. The lamb was tender and tasty and the phyllo, while too sweet, was still something I would make again, using less ganache and more raspberries.

All in all a fun night. Now I gotta lay down cause I'm a bit buzzed from the wine.


  1. Anonymous2/14/2010

    sounds like fun. very creative.

  2. mmmmm,
    that lamb looks good.

  3. that sounds really cool. i need to see if the gibbsman would do something like that here. did you take leftovers home? ;)

  4. SUPER fancy! Robby can only make omelets. LOL!

  5. mmmmm,
    that lamb looks good.


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