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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby, baby, baby, I got so much love for you. -- TLC

On Saturday I am doing something I have never done before ever as an adult -- taking a road trip with a 3-year-old. Pray for me. I am frightened.

One of my longtime friends is having a first birthday celebration for her son and I'm taking Mr. SLS' niece to Philadelphia with me for the party. She is so extra excited she can barely contain herself and has called me everyday to ask questions about it: Will there be a big cake? Will other little girls be there? Is it far away?

Why am I scared? My friends didn't have children until the last few years and those friends -- like the one I'm driving to Philly for this weekend -- live in other places. As a result, I haven't spent a lot of time around children (the last baby in my family was born 8 years ago and I haven't lived in my hometown since 1988). I'm worried about the ride up. It's a long ride. She's chatty but will she get bored and fussy? Will I? And I'm really worried about the ride home because by then we will be some several hours into this adventure AND she will be jazzed up from cake and candy and party revelry.

But, I love this kid, and she loves me. We went to visit her on Sunday and she rannnnnnnnnnnnnn to the door and grabbed me by the legs and yelled out "you're hereeeeeee! yaaaay!" She was born a couple of months after I met Mr. SLS and I took a yen to her immediately. My mama did, too, and sends her books, cds and other educational materials all the time. At Christmas she opened my mom's gift to her (some educational book thing), threw MY gift to her down on the floor and ran over to my mother and said "I WAS WAITING FOR THIS!" and then didn't put it down the rest of the day.

And part of me doing this is because I need to get accustomed to spending time with children so that it won't be so scary to do something like take a road trip with a kid.

Anyway, today instead of having my eyebrows threaded -- which I desperately need and have NO IDEA why I keep putting it off -- I went shopping for a gift for her to take to the party. I found a nice educational toy and card and I'll run out tomorrow to get some healthy lickies and smackies for the ride.

We roll out early on Saturday. Wish us lots of fun!

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