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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy sis-in-law has crawled back out of the woodwork

My sis-in-law's birthday is six days after mine. Every year she comes up with some cockamamie "let's celebrate our birthdays together" bullshit.

I don't "share" or "celebrate" my birthday with anybody.

Almost every first cousin I have has an April birthday (April 3, 10, 12, 13, 27. Mine is April 18). My brother -- MY BROTHER -- was born seven days before my 6th birthday (April 11). I have never "shared" or "celebrated" my birthday with any of them (and I am one year younger than one of them, so theoretically, we could have shared a birthday party).

Yes, this is selfish. I'm selfish. *shrugs*

But, let's be clear, my sis-in-law doesn't want to celebrate our birthdays together. Unhunh. She never suggests that we do this joint celebration on MY birthday, just on hers. She never says, what would you like to do when we do this joint birthday celebrating, she just lists all the shit she wants to do and get as gifts.

What I want is for her to quit faking the funk and stop pretending this is some "joint birthday celebrating" and call it what it is: a 50-year-old attention whore trying to get a birthday party and a bunch of gifts for herself under the guise of a "joint birthday celebration."

Despite me and my husband telling her we would be out of town last weekend celebrating my birthday, she called here three times over the weekend to ask about HER birthday party. In not a one of those messages did she bother to say, "Happy Birthday SLS!"

She never even called her brother last month to wish him a happy birthday. But, it's time for hers, so the phone is ringing off the gotdayum hook.

Shit irritates me. I never do this joint celebrating BTW.

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  1. Anonymous4/20/2010

    oh, my. such terse language. i hope you feel better.

    and no, you shouldn't have to celebrate your birthday with anyone. eva.


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