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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A few questions (and answers) on Tax Day

1. Do you wait until the last minute to do your taxes?
Seems like it would increase the stress and the idea of it being an unpleasant experience by waiting until the last minute to do them. Try doing them earlier next year, giving yourself time to find errors and additional deductions and credits. It might improve the experience.

2. Do you get an annual tax refund?
Why not get that money in your check every pay period instead? You could set up direct deposit into a savings account and earn interest on it. Personally, I try to make us break even every year -- they don't owe us and we don't owe them.

3. Do you pay people to do your taxes?
I have never paid anyone to do my taxes. My father has a degree in accounting and a degree in mathematics and wayyy back when I first had enough income to file taxes I asked for his help. He said, no, told me I didn't have any assets, but I did have some damn sense and to get the EZ form and fill it out. That pissed me off but I did it, realized it was easy, and since then I have never paid anyone to do my or our taxes, though I almost did this year because we had medical expenses, rental income and costs associated with getting my house ready for sale/rent and I feared things had gotten beyond my skill level. I think if you have simple financials -- a mortgage, school loan, health savings account -- you should try doing your own taxes. You can e-file right from the comfort of your home.

4. Do you get frustrated about paying taxes?
Do you drive on the street/highway? Do you like having firemen and policemen available if you need them? Do you send your kids to public school? Then you are getting some return on your money. I can understand being mad about HOW governments spend (or misspend) the money, but please appreciate some of the benefit derived from paying taxes.

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