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Monday, June 28, 2010

The End?

I was doing this in tweets and realized that I needed more room to express myself. Then I thought, I have a blog. DOH!

I've decided to finish a short story I started more than four years ago. It's time. The story is ... more complex now.

On the way back from our little weekend excursion, Mr. SLS and I caught this storytelling show: The Moth. It was funny because, as I listened to the various stories I thought, "I should do that." Then as if he read my mind, Mr. SLS said "You should do that."

When we first started dating I wrote a lot. Then, I stopped. I started blogging and I've written a few work-related pieces, but I have done very little creative writing.

I've been mulling over that unfinished short story for a long time. It's about me and Mr. SLS. At the same time, Mr. SLS has been mulling over an unfinished song for me for a long time, too. Funny that we haven't been able to finish these artistic ventures...

I started writing that story when our relationship was new. I didn't know where it was going. Now, I have more than four years worth of material to draw from and there's more meat on the bone -- and I still can't finish it. Or maybe I don't want to finish it.

Mr. SLS says he struggles with the song he is writing for me because nothing ever captures me the right way. He has a couple of chords he has decided say "MY REAL NAME," but the rest won't gel.

It makes me think about our marriage, which is sort of in the same state as these two artistic ventures...


  1. Just write. Stop thinking so hard. Have a drink...make the room dark and put on some good music.

    Then write.

  2. I can relate. I wrote a short story - about 2 years ago. Sent it to the Library of Congress to get it copyrighted. But it hasn't gone anywhere. I would like it to be the first chapter of a book. But for some reason I can't get motivated. But I think you have a different problem - you don't quite know what your story is because, well, it's not a new story, but it will be a different story that what you initially imagined. It's unfinished.

  3. Maybe you need to tell a different story now and then revisit the first one? The reasons why you started writing it have changed and you're in a different space. Start writing about the new space and see what happens.


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