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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've found that when I'm at my desk, I listen to my Antonio Carlos Jobim channel on Pandora all day long -- in fact, it's ALL I can listen to at work. But in the car? I'm alllll crunk all the time. With a little bit of Soul Train-era jams thrown in for good measure.

I pay for Netflix, but don't use it enough. But when I think about getting rid of it, I suddenly have all those movies I meant to watch and I go pile up my list. The same list that's piled up from the last time I had this big "I need to see all of these movies!" moment.

I had a Coke Zero the other day on crushed ice and it was so good. I prefer Pellegrino to soda though, hands down. I always find it funny when people ask, "how can you drink that?" (we'll put aside the fact that it's just water with bubbles for right now) I think the same thing about room temperature still water. That's like spit to me. How in hell can people drink that?

I'm sitting in an office that's not where I usually work and there's a ticktocking clock next to me that I want to smash into a million little pieces. But working in this office I've realized that, while I'm more productive in this space, I'm prolly happier in cubeville. More interaction with people. Even the constant interruptions would be nice right now.

I don't drink caffeinated coffee if I can help it. If I consume caffeine anytime after about 3 p.m. I won't sleep at night.

Speaking of sleeping -- I haven't been. I try, but, nothing. And, for the past six months or so I've been under a lot of stress in pretty much every area of my life. Also, remember all that smiling and making pretend happy I noted a couple of posts back? Well, turns out my body wasn't feeling all that nice on the outside, hold the rest inside stuff and it has rebelled. In a serious way. My doctor has told me I have to calm the hell down and find some outlet like kickboxing to work out my stress.

I like the show "Castle" because I love its star, Nathan Fillion (Firefly and/or Serenity anyone?!). But this third season is not as good as the first two. I'm pretty bored with his neverending quips and the predictable storylines. The writers can do better. Much better. That said, I will still recommend it for a lazy Saturday viewing.

And on that note, I'm done. For now.

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  1. Anonymous11/04/2010

    I'm temporarily in cubeville and it's killing me. I definitely prefer the silence of a solo office, the ability to close my door and no having 59 million interruptions.

    We use our Netflix account so much that I'm thinking of canceling the premium channels through our cable company.

    Ha ha! I've never watched Castle BECAUSE of the main actor. Don't like him at all. Funny!


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