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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kiddie Shopping

This post about poring over the Sears catalog as a kid from CreoleinDC made me laugh this morning because it brought back some great memories from my childhood.

My cousin Chris -- who is one year older than me -- and I would make sleepover plans based around poring through that book and writing our letters to Santa about what we wanted.

I would usually go to his house (he had bunkbeds and a big wheel) and we would plan it out the night before as we lay in bed -- tomorrow we will get up and eat cereal, watch cartoons, then write our letters to Santa.

Then we would lay on his living room floor and slowly page by page go through the toy section of the Sears and JC Penney catalogs, claiming "that's mine!" and putting our initial on the thing that was "ours" and describing all the things we were going to do with the toys and making up stories and stuff.

I had a bit of a leg up because until I went to school, my mom was a stay-at-home mom and grad school student so she only worked one day a week -- on Saturdays. And her Saturday gig was in the toy section of Sears!

My daddy and I would go pick her up on Saturdays and I would have fixed in my head what I wanted and as I got close to it, I would look at it, point to it and ask if I could have it. My mom would say "no" so then I would show out in the store throwing a tantrum. My daddy hated that so he would give me what I wanted to shut me up.

Every week this happened.

Every week. (Take note new parents. Kids know how to work you!)

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