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Friday, November 5, 2010

A new favorite thing: "Babies"

I've had this Netflix movie laying around for about a month now and finally watched it Wednesday night when I couldn't sleep. It was wonderful!

There's almost no dialogue so prepare to just ...watch and observe. No, this documentary is just a view of the lives of four babies from womb to walking. And often from their vantage point.

One thing I noted was how we might overprotect our children here in the U.S. And there's an extended temper tantrum by one kid that cracked me up.

I think anyone planning to be a parent should watch the movie because it definitely made me think, "well, if they can raise a healthy baby in that environment, why do we stress so much about every little bump and bruise?"

As a whole though, I feel the movie showed how much alike we are, despite our differences. OK, that will make sense if you watch the movie. I plan to add it to my permanent collection.

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