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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Riding solo

I drive a two-seater car because I *hate* totin' a bunch of mofos around in my vehicle.

When I'm ready to go, I am rhet.ta.go. and I don't like having to do a bunch of waiting on other folks when I get ready to roll out.

In fact, though all of my cars haven't been two-seaters they have all been two door vehicles and I prefer that, too, because I control who gets in and out and when, which fits with my "don't want a bunch of mofos ridin' around in my car" stance.

I know this is hateful. I know it is. But...well, whatever. Ride in yo' shit, hell. I will meet you there and when I'm ready to go, I'm out. Win-win.


  1. I have a two-seater also, and while I didn't consider this benefit when I bought the car, I have to admit that I feel the same way. Also, my car before that was a big ol' Isuzu Trooper and I didn't like feeling paranoid about what the hell might be back there when I'd get inside it at night.

  2. My life.

    I was so sad when my mom pulled up in my 2-door Honda Accord...

    Oh but I quickly learned to love. love. love my car. Nobody wants to climb in and out of a 2-door so that meant that either nobody rides with me OR I don't have to drive.

    6 years later and I still love the ish outta that wittle car.

    My next car will be substantially bigger though. Mofos still ain't gettin' in, cause I'm like you. I wanna go when I wanna go and I don't like to wait on nobody.

  3. I have my bass in the car with me most of the time which means only one other person will fit. But sometimes that makes me wish I still had a car where the amp could only fit in the passenger seat. I'm kind of antisocial that way.


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