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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What about your friends?-- TLC

I've never been a big fan of TLC but I did like that song because of the lyrics.

In any case, this morning my best guy friend called and left a message saying essentially: We need to TALK. Not that what's up BS via text and superficial ish via email. I need you to call me and talk to me and tell me how you are doing and what the hell is going on.

And he's right. With the exception of my friend Honeysmoke and my parents,, I've for the most part kept all my problems to myself. Which is why stress is eating away at me and causing issues with my health. And here's why that's particularly crazy regarding this friend: he has helped me through many crises. Supported me. Been my shoulder to cry on. Offered to kick asses. Offered his basement apartment to me as a refuge. Since college. COLLEGE.

So I'm going to call him and we'll have a long talk. Because you have to let a friend BE a friend. I don't have to carry all this by myself.


  1. Anonymous11/06/2010

    You certainly don't have to carry all your troubles by yourself. So go call your boy. NOW.


  2. Yes, Lord. Yes. When you have someone willing to do that for you, you have to use 'em. They are HARD to find... I'm here to testify to that!

  3. Anonymous11/07/2010

    Very important to let a friend be a friend. I hope that you called him. =)

  4. THIS. RIGHT. HERE. That is so true! I worked myself into a auto-immune disease generally triggered by stress while trying to deal with it all by myself. So not worth it. The proverb says that iron sharpens iron. Let your friends do their job. And good counsel and a listening ear will cut down on a lot of therapist bills later. LOL.


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