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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope and Prayers

Every holiday, without fail, some drama comes up with my brother. We have spent many a Christmas/Thanksgiving/Fourth of July/Labor Day evening in the ER.

My brother has always been the more healthy-looking and active one of us two because he played sports. But then about two years ago he suddenly put on a LOT of weight. I'm talking a LOOOOOOTT of weight. As a result he now has heart troubles and high blood pressure.

If you recall from this post, health issues kept my brother from our Granny's funeral and my parents -- and the doc -- gave him some ultimatums: take your meds, lose some weight, get your life together, or die.

According to my parents and uncle, he started taking the meds and exercising again and he has lost some weight. By all measures he was DOING something and for my brother, this is monumental because he has stood still in the same place for several years.

But last night my dad called: my brother had a heart attack. He's 34.

Luckily he is alive and my mom has talked to him. We managed to rebook my mom's travel arrangements that were canceled yesterday and she's heading home in an hour.

This is the kind of thing that will set my brother back rather than spur him to try even harder to get healthy. That's his nature.

So I ask here for your prayers that his health AND his motivation is restored.



  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I have watched a close friend stay still in the same place for several years, as you put it, both personally and physically, but without health consequences that serious. I hope that your brother has a speedy recovery now and restores his progress going forward.

  2. That is very scary. Although at 34 he stands a very good chance of turning his life back around, healthwise. I hope he gets the motivation he needs to put himself back on track.

  3. Anonymous12/30/2010

    oh, my goodness. i hope he is doing better.

  4. Oh! That is terrible! Prayers are going up. I hope he is resting and recovering and making a plan to live healthy.


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