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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Real World Tami: What The Hell Happened?

I got a chance to watch the premiere of the second season of Basketball Wives (DON'T ASK ME WHY, JUST READ THE POST DAMMIT!)and my mouth was hanging open at what has happened to Tami Akbar aka Tami Anderson aka Tami Roman.

See, while I didn't watch much of the first season of Basketball Wives, I watched each and every episode of the first Real World: Los Angeles, including this episode that led to that guy who ran off at the mouth too much getting kicked out of the house.

Now, I'm looking at the show today and wondering why she has this jacked up weave, is all covered in great big tattoos and is generally looking a hot mess. Life has not been kind to this sista.

Also, she says the day before she married Kenny Anderson he presented her with a prenup and she signed it and ended up with nothing after leaving him for his infidelities. Now, she says that like we should feel sorry for her, but, she also said she had $70,000 from the Real World in her pocket when she married him.

Why didn't she pinch off some of that stash and pay for an attorney to review the prenup? She signed it, it said she got nothing and, when the marriage ended the prenup kicked in and she got nothing. As a result, she and their two daughters had to use food stamps for awhile.

OK. But looks like she's spending plenty money on cheap hair and tats. I'm just sayin'.

In any case, check out this season preview and join me on my new trash TV journey!

I'd also like to note that they have all this music and stuff going on with this season trying to make it kinda like Laguna Beach or something. O__o


  1. But seriously? Tami has been EXTRA in every way since her Real World days. Remember her getting her jaw wired shut??? 0_o

    Damn! Now that I know she's on Basketball Wives, I've gotta add that to my tv lineup. *smh* #realitytvjunkie

  2. Oh my. Now that's a trailer.


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