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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SMILE! You're on Candid Camera!

I was raised that you don't take pictures with any and everybody. My parents said you never know how that photo will be used later so be judicious about who (and how) you are captured skinnin' and grinnin' with.

That was an easy rule to follow before cell phones, but now I stay extra careful cause I don't want any crazy pics of me popping up on the Interwebz ruining any future career and romance options.

There seems to be a new phenomenom (new to me anyway) in the dating world where dudes want you to text them pics. Let me step back. Dudes you just met want you to send them a pic. What is that about?! Why would I send you a pic of me? Who are you again?! No. I'm married (still) and I've only sent my husband one or two pics of me via phone because I wanted him to see my freshly done hair or something like that. I damn sho ain't sending some strange dude my pic.

Ladies, are you doing this? Please tell me no. I know this has been an issue with the young peoples and sending nekkid pics, but please tell me that grown azz women are not clicking pics -- nekkid or otherwise! -- and sending 'em to random dudes?

Guys, are you making these requests? Why? What do you intend to do with these photos?? What is this about?! 'Splain this!

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