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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Basketball Wives -- SLS TAKE

So Stylin' & Profilin' asked me to catch her up on what happened on Sunday's episode of "Basketball Wives." The following is our IM exchange.

Stylin & Profilin (1:16:38 PM): ok, so i missed bball wives on sunday night... went watching show clips online but wasn't the same... WHAT HAD HAPPENED?!?!?!?

(1:16:56 PM): First, Royce is gangsta
(1:17:03 PM): Suzie is a punk bish

Stylin & Profilin (1:17:20 PM): yes suzie is
(1:17:36 PM): letting another woman scare her from going out *smh*

SingLikeSassy (1:17:49 PM): OK. They all got together at the beginning at a pool party Royce put together and her beau asked Evelyn and Jenn to model in this charity show he and Royce were putting together
(1:18:04 PM): Tami showed up and was apologizing to folks
(1:18:16 PM): Royce was like Jenn is right here you don't have to pretend you don't see her
(1:18:23 PM): Tami said, I'm not pretending, I'm ignoring
(1:18:55 PM): and then Tami said, well, I thought you called me a bitch and Jenn said she didn't and everyone else said she didn't
(1:19:03 PM): so Tami said, OK, maybe it was the alcohol
(1:19:12 PM): then jenn and her husband go to the counselor and he basically said he's done
(1:19:29 PM): jenn said she shut down when 6 weeks before the wedding he flew another woman to some city he was in

Stylin & Profilin (1:19:38 PM): tami is stone fool! LMAO

SingLikeSassy (1:19:41 PM): and he said, they never had a chance because she had questions even on the altar

Stylin & Profilin (1:20:16 PM): jenn is simple

SingLikeSassy (1:20:31 PM): and at first he was talking like she should be over it

Stylin & Profilin (1:20:38 PM): why even go through with it if it was drama like that before the wedding

Stylin & Profilin (1:21:13 PM): eric doesn't care... he talks to her all kinds of crazy like the reason she is the way she is ISN'T b/c of him *smh*

SingLikeSassy (1:21:15 PM): BUT he did say that he hurt her and he was sorry for hurting her and that if there was way they could work through it, they could work through it but he doesn't see a way so, he's done
(1:21:27 PM): he said after she shut down he sought out company elsewhere
(1:21:33 PM): he was like 10 years of memories down the drain
(1:22:08 PM): so evelyn and jen show up for the fitting and the clothes are REALLLLLLLLLLLL ugly
(1:22:22 PM): I mean real mama tina-ish with some derek j thrown on it ugly

Stylin & Profilin (1:22:37 PM): ohhh noooo

SingLikeSassy (1:22:40 PM): royce and her beau are having some kinda dust up but it wasn't clear to me what they were arguing about
(1:22:48 PM): jenn and evelyn are like, we can't wear this bull**it
(1:22:50 PM): sorry no
(1:23:01 PM): royce says we have some other designers don't let this discourage you
(1:23:03 PM): they say OK
(1:23:24 PM): then they try to offer advice to royce and her beau O__o
(1:23:35 PM): let me seee
(1:23:59 PM): jen and eric go to put some stuff in storage and he's basically like when we get divorced, i'm done. aint no friendship none of that
(1:24:07 PM): and she's like why can't we be friends we were friends before we got married?
(1:24:34 PM): and he's like, i don't like the people you hang around and i'm moving forward and leaving all this ish behind
(1:25:17 PM): side note: i understand a little bit how jen feels. she might not love eric any more but still, divorce aint easy.
(1:26:02 PM): however, i want her to stop whining and begging that dude. i think she wants him to love her again. like maybe they had a different relationship before where he was all into her and she wasn't into him and now things have changed
(1:26:12 PM): that's how it seems to me.
(1:26:38 PM): anyway, so royce is rehearsing her dance and her beau comes and tries to give pointers and royce is like, lookahere, this is MY ISH
(1:26:41 PM): stay in your lane
(1:26:44 PM): LOL!!
(1:27:18 PM): tami goes and gets lipo
(1:27:26 PM): she's by herself in the hotel and she's crying cause she's in pain
(1:27:39 PM): Jenn comes and brings her flowers and a card. the card has food stamps in it. LOL!
(1:27:43 PM): so they kinda patch up
(1:28:09 PM): then evelyn decides she aint doing the fashion show and jenn hops on board that train
(1:28:20 PM): they call royce and royce is like, y'all about some bull-ish
(1:28:24 PM): suzie doesn't show either
(1:28:30 PM): so royce is done
(1:28:39 PM): her beau is like, don't worry about it, our stuff will be tight without them
(1:28:42 PM): they hug and say I love you
(1:29:04 PM): royce invites jenn and evelyn for drinks and says, how ya'll bishes not show up? that was foul

Stylin & Profilin (1:29:13 PM): now why did tami get lipo, again?
(1:29:18 PM): she thinks she's fat?

SingLikeSassy (1:29:22 PM): they say they didn't want to wear the clothes and royce is like, ok, fine, you couldn't come support?
(1:29:31 PM): yes, tami wanted things tighter
(1:29:46 PM): evelyn says, i didn't want to come that's it
(1:30:00 PM): so royce is like, y'all can kiss my teeny tiny dancer azz
(1:30:08 PM): and then I think the show was over.

Stylin & Profilin (1:30:12 PM): i want somebody to whoop evelyn's a$*
(1:30:14 PM): like really

SingLikeSassy (1:30:19 PM): ME TOO!

Stylin & Profilin (1:30:26 PM): she thinks she's a lot cuter than what she really is

SingLikeSassy (1:30:28 PM): like last week when she was all, they didn't invite me to the party??!
(1:30:31 PM): no bitch, you aint invited!

Stylin & Profilin (1:30:35 PM): LMAO

SingLikeSassy (1:30:40 PM): with that big overbite


Stay tuned for tomorrow when I review "The Game."

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  1. Anonymous1/18/2011

    okay, so i need to start tuning into this show! i think...


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