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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheaters and the NBA. Hmmmm...

I watched this interview a couple weeks ago with Shaunie O'Neal where she discusses NBA players and cheating:

In the interview she says the ONLY basketball player she thinks is faithful is Grant Hill. I like Grant Hill. He's very polished, seems cultured and has spent a good deal of the past few years buying African-American art. He's acquired so many Romare Bearden pieces -- my favorite artist!! -- he loaned them out for a traveling exhibition. (I saw it, it was great!)

But Shaunie's comment made me wonder why Grant chooses to be faithful (and it *is* a choice, folks need to stop acting like ish just happens and is outside their control) and other players won't/don't?

I wonder if it's because Grant came from a more affluent background than many of the NBA's players, so money, big houses and fancy cars and all that weren't new to him.

His Ivy League-educated and well-connected parents -- dad is a former NFL star who attended Yale with George W. Bush and mom shared a suite at Wellesley College with Hillary Clinton -- are still married. He may have seen a healthy marriage with its ups and downs and his parents might have taught him about marriage, faithfulness and respect for women and himself.

I also wonder if it's because Grant married someone (singer Tamia) who was in the public eye as well, so maybe he views her as his equal and not just some chickenhead hanger-on.

What do you guys think?


  1. Hi SLS,

    Found your blog via BlacknBougie. Hi! *waves*

    Re: Grant Hill and infidelity, I agree with you that infidelity is a choice. The reasons for that choice boil down to mentality and a lot of factors influence mentality.

    What I don't completely agree with is the reasons you mentioned as contributing to his fidelity. They could very well be argued for the other side (i.e. infidelity).

  2. I think fidelity--or infidelity--is a choice. While Grant is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE NBA player, I don't think his professional, cultural, class or the financial status of him or his wife have anything to do with his believed faithfulness.

    Honestly, I wonder if Shaunie really knows who's faithful and who's not in the entire National Basketball Association.

  3. Love Grant Hill, he has always been a favorite since his college days. Infidelity is definitely a choice, it doesn't "just happen" - decisions have to be made. And having a plan NOT to fail is essential. So is the character of the people you surround yourself with. I feel like Grant Hill exudes honor (much like David Robinson) and that he deeply took to the principles with which he was raised. Like it would hurt him too much to hurt his family that much. But I also think that Shaunie don't know as much as she thinks she knows. She and her spies can't be everywhere.


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