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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Odds and Ends

My best guy friend was in town for the day for work and we went out for drinks last night. It was nice and like old times, cause we don't usually get together these days without his wife and/or kids (who are all adorable). He likes to flirt with my mom and aunt who always wondered why we didn't hook up and my mom called while we were there so they joked around for a few mins. Good times. :O)

My dad's brother called me yesterday to confide in me about something, which was a bit shocking because this is probably the fifth time he has called me. Ever. But, he didn't want to tell my dad (and since he asked me not to tell him I won't) and I think he was working up to asking me for some help. But he never got there. I did my best to try and make him feel better because stuff happens and sometimes you have to make hard decisions. No need to beat himself up about it.

I talked to Mr. SLS for a good while last night and we laughed like we used to before all the mess and I could tell he didn't want to get off the phone when the call ended. There was a time when that would have made me hope we might work things out only to be disappointed later. But it did help me sleep soundly last night.

And, life is good!

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