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Friday, February 25, 2011

Did ya miss meeeee??

I shut this down last week in an emotional moment because I felt like this was where I had chronicled my marriage and I want to move on from that so I should move on from the blog.

And I was all good with that until today when I got up and ran some important moving back into my house errands and then had a killer workout at my new gym and I thought, "things are turning around, why the hell should I abandon something I like to do cause of that muhfug?"

So I'm back! I'm like Jay-Z and I retire two, three, fo' times then come out of retirement bringing it HARDER!

Let's do this yo.

::drops mic::


  1. Tiffany In Houston2/25/2011

    In honor of your TRIUMPHANT RETURN:


    Let's GO!!!!

  2. Been lurking on your site for years and was sad to see it shut down. Coming out of lurkdom to say welcome back!

  3. As they say, living well is the best revenge.
    Keep being YOU :)

  4. CaliSlim2/27/2011

    I also lurk, but I did indeed miss your blog! Ask TIH! (lol) Glad you're back!


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