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Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them?

Mr. SLS and I have two sets of realllllly good couple friends that we each brought to the marriage.

We would hang out with them and they looked out for us and we all had a good time. Both couples had some similar issues as we did regarding infertility so none of us had children and at one time all three of us women were doing an IVF cycle at the same time.

Well now that we are splitting, we've had to all go to our own corners. Meaning, my couple is mine and his couple is his. I've been a little sad about it actually cause we were planning a trip to the Dominican Republic with his couple that's now cancelled. Well, maybe not cancelled, but I'm not going.

BUT yesterday, my couple had me over for brunch. I had THE BEST TIME! And I never even noticed that Mr. SLS wasn't there or whatever. We ate good food and sipped bellinis and played Scrabble and listened to jazz and laughed and it was such a relaxing day. LIke old times.

They've even told me if I decide to do the kid thing alone, they will be part of my village.

And now my other friend is back from her two week-long trip to Africa with her sweetie. Can't wait to hear all the exciting details!

That's all. ::waves::

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  1. Anonymous3/14/2011

    yay! can't wait to share details. and you know i love to share!


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