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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Matters

Having my mama here has been so helpful because it turns out some of the things I need to get done (refrigerator delivered, light fixtures/ceiling fans installed, heavy mirror hung) can happen since she's at the house.

I *do* miss having family here that I can count on like that. I mean, Mr. SLS was family and I know that for a little bit at least, I can count on him to do stuff like deal with the HVAC man and pick me up when I have to drop my car off at the garage, but still, having FAMILY around that you can call on in an emergency is priceless.

One thing I got tired of when I was single was feeling like I had to do everything, fix everything, solve everything by myself. Every house crisis, every financial crisis, every medical crisis -- all on me. I am not looking forward to that again. Not at all.


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