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Monday, May 2, 2011

Know what I realized?

I missed living in my house. By myself. And not having to consult with someone else about where things should go and what color this or that should be in an effort to compromise and be inclusive and all that jazz.

I like AND HATE the quiet. Sometimes I would get tired of the constant music playing at our house, but most of the time I liked it, especially if Mr. SLS was rehearsing.

The light. His house is a rowhouse tucked inbetween two other houses and was like a dark ass cave. My house is covered in windows and gets lots and lots of natural light.

The closet space. I have more.

The room. I have more.

The parking. I can always park right at the end of my sidewalk.

The neighborhood. It's in the city but more residential so it's quiet.

The washing machine and dryer. Mine are full size, his are stackable. Nuf' said.

The yard. Imma get me a grill this year!

The route to the Metro. More bike friendly because I can ride on the sidewalk which is less stressful to me than riding down the city streets.

And in general there's just less clutter around. I can breathe. *exhales*

I realized some other stuff, too, but I'll save that for another post.

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