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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dating after divorce

OK. I am not divorced. Yet. I am separated. But the marriage is over and I'm over the marriage and it's summertime and I liked to be squired about town so I joined Match.com to get this thang poppin' off. I need a summer bunny! LOL!

Well, let me rewind a bit. I have been casually dating a teacher since February who I *really* like a lot, but my spidey senses keep tingling so I'm holding back until the whole situation is revealed.

In the four days since I joined Match I've had a couple of conversations with some seemingly interesting fellas. I hope to get out and meet at least one of them in the next few days as we have a good little smart ass back and forth going on and he seems like he might be fun.

I've also had a couple of cray crays wink at me, too. I just delete and move on. You can't let one monkey stop the show. Dating is a numbers game. *shrug*

I'm NOT looking to get horizontal with anybody any time soon. I know some folks are able to do the deed and not have connections but I'm not that girl. So best to stay chaste until it's somebody special and we're in a committed, mutually faithful, monogamous relationship.

Anyway, that's all that's up with me. What y'all doin?

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