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Friday, June 24, 2011

More dating pre-post divorce

Went out with a guy I met on Match earlier this week and it was a nice dinner date, but that's about it. *shrug*

Had no intention of reaching out to him and felt pretty sure I wouldn't hear from him again, but, here it is Friday and he's texting me. Not asking me out (and I'm not available this weekend) but just friendly, "what's up, how are you" type stuff.

As I was texting him back I thought, why did I assume we wouldn't be in touch again? Am I an all or nothing kind of girl? I mean, he seemed like a cool fella and even if I can't envision myself kissing him we can laugh and be friendly. Right?

Hm. *reassesses priorities*


  1. Anonymous6/24/2011

    Hey Sassy! I say if you're up for a friend, then stay in touch, have fun with him. But be sure he's clear that you don't feel that spark and this is "just friends". You never know though, the spark could come, so be open to it. (Unless you find him very unattractive and couldn't see yourself looking at him like that). I think having an adult friend is a cool thing, as long as both parties are on the same page. But that's the tricky part!


  2. Agree with CaliGirl. And dying LOL at dating "pre-post" divorce!

  3. Agree with CaliGirl. And dying LOL at dating "pre-post" divorce!


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