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Friday, June 3, 2011

Odds and Ends

Well lemme see. My friend is pregnant! She went to Africa a couple of months ago and I told her sweetie to send me a baby back as a souvenir and he did! LOL! #winning

That same friend has been a key impetus in getting me up and out of the office to take a walk daily. I've committed to walking at least a mile a day, preferably more than that, but no less than a mile a day. I mapped out a route and we've been doing it. With that and walking to/from the Metro to get to work, I'm getting in 3 miles a day. In the past two years I've lost some weight, but I have more to go before this body is where it should be -- fit and healthy. I've revamped my diet, too, cause no amount of walking is going to counteract a terrible diet.

As CreoleinDC always says, it's time to BE MORE VAIN.

I'm going to see X-Men: First Class tonight. What can I say? I'm a comic geek.

And finally, here's some mellow Friday music to get you chilled out for the weekend:

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