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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clarity. Get You Some.

I was part of a two-day long email thread that I was not contributing to where it seemed none of the people could understand what the other was saying.

I ignored until today when it got to be too damn much in my inbox, I skimmed the thread, sent a two sentence response to everybody, problem solved.

DoubleU TEE EF YO?!

The person who started the thread was mad that the other person they were trying to get action from wasn't understanding and attributing it to a language barrier (which, admittedly, there was).


This person ALSO wasn't clearly expressing themselves. Nothing in their message said EXACTLY what the problem was and EXACTLY how to fix it. I did that in my two sentences. Remember, this was a TWO-DAY LONG email thread. TWO DAYS PEOPLE!

I don't understand how we can work in the business of communication and be such poor communicators. It boggles the mind.

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