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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Helllooooooooooooooo e'rybody!!

I've been hanging out and chilling and basically enjoying the summer.

I had a couple of dates last week -- dinner with the teacher that I'm crushing on, and drinks with a guy I met on Match.

This second Match date was v. v. attractive. And that's it. I mean, I always think, "if we don't click, hey, I have plenty of friends I can introduce this person to so nothing lost." Not this brother. As easy on the eyes as he is, I can't do it. There is just no THERE there. He better stay pretty, po' thang. Bless his heart.

My social calendar is booked through the rest of the week and I have another date scheduled with the teacher this weekend, so all in all, I'm having a great summer.

What y'all doing?

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