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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blast From The Past

Last week I was telling the teacher about my college boyfriend and that things were way too serious with us and how we broke up etc.

Earlier this week my cousin sent me a pic of a formal portrait college beau and I had taken that I had completely forgotten about.

I sent to the old boyfriend (yes, we are still in touch mumblemumblemumble years later) and we laughed about how young we were (I looked liked I was 12 in this photo) and caught up cause we haven't talked in a few months.

One thing that helped sour our relationship -- aside from me being too young and immature for all that seriousness -- was when his dad decided he didn't like me. His dad was (is) very overbearing and had very specific ideas about what a "good wife" would be for his three sons. Basically she needed to be college educated -- preferably with several advanced degrees -- and willing to sit at home and raise a gaggle of kids and and cook and wash his son's feet. Old bullshit like that.

His father liked the girl one of his older brothers was dating (we were dormmates) because she was very docile and submissive. They got married and my old beau told me that she is just as docile now.

He liked me, too, until he found out that even though I was 17 (I went to college a year early because I skipped a grade way back when), I was not docile. As a matter of fact, I was bossy and mouthy. LOL!

One day his dad came to campus to take me, my boyfriend and his brother to a movie, and while we waited for his brother to come out of his dorm his dad said something about how when we got married (did I tell y'all I was 17?!!!) we should have five sons because their family was small and needed to grow. Or something. All I heard was, "five babies."

Instead of nodding and tolerating the crazy old man that was my boyfriend's dad, I said, "My parents did not sacrifice to send me to college so that I could push out five babies and sit at home all day."

Now, I don't remember what he said in response, but later my boyfriend told me his dad started saying to him, "Son, there are other fish in the sea." LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZ

ANYWAY, it seems that mean old papa did not mellow with time. His oldest son and his wife aren't speaking to him. At all. Apparently daddy overstepped his boundaries one time too many in criticizing her. And he gave my college beau's second wife such a hard time when they first married that they weren't speaking for awhile either.

Nope, the only wife in his good graces is the one who had all the babies and never worked. *insert laserbeam side-eye right here*

It was cool to catch up.

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