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Friday, August 26, 2011

Bling! Bling!

My friend A and I were IMing Wednesday about the trip she and her boyfriend took last week to check out engagement rings.

This got me to thinking about my current separated but still married status. I have decided to wear my wedding set again. The rings have been in the drawer in their little box since last year because at the time I felt like "why am I announcing to the world I'm married when my husband is out here ho'ing and making a fool of me??!"

But I think I need to wear it now for just that reason: I am married and until I am not, I need to be clear about my dating status. Wearing my rings signal that I am unavailable as well as reminds ME that I am legally unavailable, too.

I have always loved my wedding set. Well, wait, my FIRST engagement ring was this:

Yep, this $5 ring purchased in a quirky art store in Savannah, Ga., that I still have (I stopped wearing it because a ball fell off and I didn't want it to fall apart) was my e-ring. That photo was taken on the plane as we flew back from down South in 2006.

Anyway, I like antique-y looking stuff and I wanted the Legacy ring. I was also marrying a then part-time teacher/musican/full-time grad student* who was doing OK, but was not ballerific in the cash area.

So we compromised. I didn't have to have THAT ring, it was really the style that I liked. He found a great quality cushion-cut diamond and then had my ring custom-made based on the Legacy. It cost less doing it that way (didn't have to spend the extra cash for the brand name) and I got what I wanted. Bingbangboom (no I am not taking another pic, look at that one and the Legacy and use your imagination. My e-ring is like the Legacy on the right):

I don't know what I will do with my rings once I am divorced. Someone said recently that I should give them back but a great big HELL and NO to that right there. And a Clay Davis from The Wire sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiit on top of that. I more than earned these gem stones.

For now I think I will hold on to them because if the tadpoles (<--that's what Mr. SLS calls our frozen embies) work, I want our child to have them.

*I really like teachers, apparently, because I married one and have dated three others. However, aint nona that ish worked out. Maybe it's because my mom is a teacher? Let me think on that for a bit. Hm. 

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  1. I like the new template. After the divorce is final, take the diamonds out of the old ring and have them set into something new. Perhaps you can make some earrings or a beautiful pendant. No need for gorgeous diamonds to go to waste.


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