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Friday, August 12, 2011

I can breathe out of my nose again....

...So I came to work today. But, I am not 100 percent as I still have a cough and some sinus issues.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is my co-irker on my nerves and I've only been in the building for a little more than two hours?

Earlier our editor sent a note out asking if someone could do something today because the person who normally does it is out. I said I would handle.

Co-irker -- who was on the email thread -- sends me a note later, asking if I'm doing or she is doing it. Can you read? Did you say you would do it? Was my note saying "I would do it" unclear? Why are you asking this question?!

Then she sends me a note asking if someone else is in. How the f*** do I know about somebody else's schedule?! Check the vacation calendar!

Also STOP STEPPING INSIDE MY BUBBLE OF PERSONAL SPACE! Your body should never touch mine unless we are smushed together in a crowded elevator.


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