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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Refuge During Storms

My friend who ended up staying with me for a couple of months back in 2004 due to back-to-back hurricanes had to come on back when Irene knocked her power out Saturday evening. We broke open a bottle of Prosecco and it was cool to have the company and conversation after that lonely ass dinner.

Her beau that she recently broke off with lives around the corner from me (coincidence!) and we thought about being ratched and having some fun at his expense but then remembered we are too old and cute for all that. LOL!

Anyway, it was cool to have her back (and we laughed as she ran in from the rain and said, "I'm HOME!") as we were always good as roommates and we chatted and kikiki-ed it up for a good while before shutting it on down for the night.

I talked to another friend earlier in the day who is considering reuniting with a boyfriend who broke up with her a year ago because he wasn't ready to get married. Apparently old dude (who I went to high school and college with, but did not know was in D.C. until she moved here and they started dating. Small world) took her out and apologized for treating her shabbily. Which is nice.

However, I asked her if they are moving toward getting married now? If not, what's the point to getting back together since the reason they broke up was because she was ready for marriage and he wasn't? But I suspect they will be a couple again soon so I wish them the best.

Finally, my best guy friend is on my ass about getting some answers about why I didn't make it to NYC last weekend as we were supposed to get together. I don't really have an answer for why that didn't happen and I don't want to discuss with him, but he's had my back too many times for me to play like that so I'll hide for another day or so then put my big girl panties on and call him up for a long chat.

Alrighty, happy Sunday everybody!

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