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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

My girlfriend who came over during the storm last night and I spent a couple of hours this morning talking to an older lady she is friends with (that lady is in her late 60s) and dammmmmmnnnnnnnn she spit some knowledge on us today.

She made my heart and mind easy about my marriage and other failed relationships that I blame myself for and have internalized the pain from.

And believe me, this was NOT a conversation, she took us to church -- we just sat our behinds down, listened and soaked it all up. When she finished I was like, wait, that's it? No! I want more!

I often need reminding that God will bring you what you need when you are ready to receive it and today, I NEEDED Ms. Emily.

My girlfriend and I also "served" Mr. SLS his divorce papers today (I wasn't able to get by there last week as planned).

It was sad -- not just because divorces are sad -- but because she met him first, before any of my other friends, she declared he was "the one," she coordinated our wedding and was first at bat to be a godmom to our kid(s). She was also the first person I called and ran to cry on last year when everything went to hell.

When the deed was done she said to us, "I helped you get married and now I am helping you get divorced. Damn."

Damn indeed.


  1. tiffanyinhouston8/28/2011

    I know that's it is time, and I know that this is the right thing to do so you can move forward, but I cried just the same.

  2. It'S sad Tiff. This is not at all how I envisioned things working out. I mean, I guess nobody gets married thinking they will be divorced but I just knew we had what it takes to make it til death do us part. It makes me real skeptical about my judgment because I chose this man and loved him. Sigh.


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