"There are notes between notes, you know." -- Sarah Vaughan

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Quick Post Before I Head South....

My mama has this plan for me to bring my Grandma to her party so it can be a surprise. Did I mention that this is my Grandma's 90th birthday?!

OK put aside the fact that this "surprise" might make this my Grandma's LAST birthday and let's talk about how she's still sassy and working us.

The plan is I call Grandma and tell her I am coming home for the weekend and am taking her to lunch on Saturday, so go in your closet with all those boxes of shoes and matching hats and handbags and get your cute outfit all laid out now.

I do this. Grandma's response? "No, I'm wearing overhauls (her word for jeans)."

I say, no, we're going to be beautiful ladies who lunch on Saturday, so you need to have on a pretty dress.

Her response? "If you want me to wear a pretty dress then you need to buy me one. Otherwise, I'm wearing overhauls."

So, I say, "I'm going to tell my mama!"

She says, "Tell her! I'm HER mama! And then both of y'all can go shopping and get me a pretty dress."


Have a good weekend everybody! LOL!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's on your bucket list?

One of mine is to see Don Giovanni at The Metropolitan Opera in New York City. I'm going to give that to myself for Christmas. How about you, what's on your list?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random randoms

I haven't been feeling like hanging out recently. Maybe the summer of fun and drunken revelry tired me out, maybe it's the cooler weather, but whatever it is, I'm perfectly content to sit up in my house.

I was invited out by some girlfriends last evening and didn't want to go. I wanted to settle in at home and watch more of Medium. (I've been streaming it on Netflix trying to catch up so I can get to the series finale).

But since I work with them and they were right here and not taking no for an answer, I said I would go out and have one drink and then break out at 7 p.m. I had the one drink, but was having so much fun, I didn't hold firmly to my deadline. It was fun. And, I see now, that I'm going to have to make myself get out this fall and winter.
I said before that I am still in touch with my high school and college beaus. Both have been reaching out to me more since I said I was getting divorced -- just checking to make sure I'm OK. 

One thing that has been interesting to me is that they both want to "fix it." For example, one looked at a web profile I have and started giving me feedback -- lengthy ones -- for changes and improvements. Um, I like it just as it is, thank you. I'm good.

The other is trying to show me the light and the way to Jesus, passing along scriptures he thinks would be good and giving me helpful suggestions for what I should be looking for in a church. OK, yeah, I'm good. Thanks.

I've never wondered what life would have been like married to these two guys. I'm good.

I need to wash clothes. Like most household chores, I hate this job. Gotta do it though. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reflections: Buying A House

Nine years ago today at about 11:30 a.m., I closed on my house. I bought in 2002 because, in my estimation, the rent was too damn high here in the Washington Metro area and I couldn't see giving my money to a landlord when I could be putting that cash toward a property of my own.

Still, that didn't stop me from being scared. Was I doing the right thing? Could I really afford it? What if something big broke?

But here it is, nine years later and I've never missed or been late with a mortgage payment, I've made renovations, I've furnished it twice, I've replaced the windows, the roof, the HVAC, the awning and some of the electrical work. I learned how to paint, how to use a drill, how to change light fixtures, install a doorbell and what drill bit to use on my plaster walls.

Initially I was scared to sleep upstairs, so I slept on my sofa in the basement, near the door, clutching my purse. Then, I moved one level up to the family room off of the kitchen. Then I moved to the top level and into the guest room. Eventually, I moved into my bedroom.

That first winter was a cold one. I was scared to cut the heat up too high because I was frightened about getting an astronomical gas bill. I was also sweaty that first summer because I was afraid to cut the air down too low because I didn't want to get a crazy power bill AND I was terrified of sleeping with the windows open as I didn't want someone to climb in and kill me.

If you had asked me back then if I would still be living in that same house nine years later, I would have said, "of course not!" I knew I would be married someday and assumed I would sell or rent my house and me and my beau would buy another together.

It was hard coming back to my house earlier this year. I felt like I was moving backward instead of forward. I didn't really want to leave the home I shared with Mr. SLS because it was home to me. My house was just a house.

However, I am grateful that I had a house to come back to when my marriage failed. And it is starting to feel like home again, though there is so much stuff I still want and need to do in there before I can say I'm "done."

And here's a song I sing in the shower a lot:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Supporting Players

Over on my friend Lottie's blog she's asking whether women support their men enough, given all the things we ask them to do for us. You can check it out here: 30 Something: Loving Him (Part 1)

Rather than blog in her comments, I'm going to put my response here:

When I met Mr. SLS he was going to grad school part-time and it was going to take him 1005000000 years to finish his masters degree. He had inherited some money when his mom passed away the year before that she had told him to use for something other than bills. He spent some of it taking me to Europe and to Savannah (I love Savannah!), Ga.

I encouraged him to go part-time with the school district so he could go to grad school full-time (he could finish in one year that way) and to take that money his mom left him and use it to supplement his income in the interim. Then I helped him with his papers -- proofing, editing etc. -- and went to all his recitals, including one where he was in so much pain (he had surgery sked the next day) he could barely stand and he had to lean on me to get to the car afterward.

I made him business cards to give out when he was at gigs so people could get in touch with him. I helped him make cds to share with people who wanted a sample of his music, I went to his gigs -- sometimes late into the night when I had to work the next day -- I promoted his performances among my circle of friends.

The only reason y'all know bad stuff about Mr. SLS now is because he cheated and we are divorcing. Before then, he was the best man/husband/musician EVAH. I had no problem supporting my man in achieving his dream(s) and holding him down in public and behind closed doors. I didn't do it out of obligation, I did it because I loved him and we were a family, and when he succeeded WE succeeded.

I will say, though, after all the effort and love I put into this marriage only for it to fail, I am not sure how much I am willing to do for someone else at this point. That's obviously something I will have to work through before I embark on another relationship.

And lest that all sound depressing, TiffanyInHouston wrote today about what she's learned during her first year of marriage. It made me tear up, but y'all know I'm waterworks anyway so....Happy Anniversary TMack and M2!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I Learned Hanging Out With A 5-Year-Old

As I noted a couple of posts ago I took Mr. SLS' niece to the movies today. It was a good little outing and I learned a few things that I will share here:

  • Her mom is 37, which is old but nowhere near as old as her dad, who is 50. That is old. As hell. I made sure to inform her that I was 25 and Uncle SLS is 75. *snicker*
  • Boys play too rough.
  • She is in kindergarten and they have rules. She likes it when people follow the rules.
  • Even though it looks like you can touch the things on the movie screen, you really can't it's the glasses playing a trick on you.
  • Mac and cheese is good because of the cheese.
  • Even if you get up late you should eat breakfast. 
  • The school bus is yellow like the lines in the street. 
  • My car should have a backseat. 
  • My car is fast. 
  • You don't have one friend when you're in school, every one in class is your friend when you're in school.
And there's this tidbit that reminded me that kids see and hear everything:
  • Her daddy takes his wedding ring off a lot when he leaves the house. 
ANYWAY, we set a date for our next outing which will be going to a pumpkin patch because she drew a picture of her picking pumpkins so I thought I would try to make that come true. I just have to find a pumpkin patch. It was a good way to spend what otherwise would have been a lazy Sunday.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Timeless" by Sergio Mendes

This was my fave cd for a minute back in 2006. I hadn't listened to it in a while so I pulled it out today and have been jamming. Thought I would share a couple of my fave tracks with you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"You think you're slick and you've gotten over." -- Angela Winbush

Being a Great Auntie!

Everybody in Mr. SLS' family including and especially him has asked me to please not cut off my relationship with his 5-year-old niece. They feel I am a great influence on her, she has two brothers and no sisters or girl cousins (or any cousins at all for that matter as we didn't have kids and Mr. SLS' sister and her husband have no children) and she is very very attached to me.

As a result, I talk to her on the phone every now and again, and I decided recently that I would revive our once a month activity days. This Sunday I am taking her to see The Lion King and when I talked to her last night about it, she was so excited she could barely eat her dinner.

But what's always cracked me up about this little girl is she is a child, but grown too. Not in a sassy, side-eye way, but in her curiousity and her conversational skills. When I had my surgery back in 2009, she and her mom came over and brought dinner. She insisted -- at 3 -- on serving Mr. SLS his dinner and then they sat at the table talking. About what I don't know as I was posted up on the sofa, but whenever I glanced over at them they were just chattering away as she kept replenishing his plate.

Because her mom is not American and was raised as a Muslim, I've been able to do little stuff with her that her mom didn't know about, such as dye Easter eggs. She told me I was the coolest auntie EVER when we finished that project.

We've baked cookies and made rice krispie treats. We've gone to museums and ridden the bus and the Metro.

Next month we're going to do Jack-o-Lanterns and in November we'll do some kind of craft project (the beauty of being the child of a first grade teacher is that I know what to do with little kids, LOL).

I like being the fun auntie. Here's another fun auntie (and I know Lucille Ball played this role, too, but Rosalind Russell did it best):

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friendly Advice

In the past few months when my married friends have called me for advice, I felt odd giving it. My marriage failed. I felt like, what the hell do I know, I couldn't fix my own ish. And I took to adding that as a disclaimer.

Today, my best guy friend called me for some advice. I thought he mostly needed to talk to someone so I listened and let him get it all out and in the air. Often when people hear themselves, they can fix their own ish.

But turns out he did want me to offer some ideas for how to solve the problem, and as I started with my "remember my marriage failed" disclaimer, he cut me off and told me to stop doing that. To stop disparaging my experience.

The thing is, nothing makes me suck my teeth and side-eye quicker than Steve Harvey somebody with a string of failed relationships trying to give marital advice. I know the idea is that, here are the lessons I learned in the failures, but still, I wanna hear from folks who weathered the storm and stayed together. Anybody can quit.

In any case, I told him to seek out counseling NOW before this medium but potentially serious problem becomes a great big one, and then I remembered that I give out advice on the Web all.the.time. LOL! And, there is value in the lessons learned from the failure of my marriage.

So, from now on feel free to ask me for advice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Musical Chairs

Other than my oldest cousin, nobody in my mom's family knows I am divorcing.

My mom is throwing a 90th birthday party for my Grandma in a couple of weeks. My Grandma wants to see her favorite grandson-in-law, Mr. SLS. At her party. Surrounded by all my family. Who don't know we are divorcing.


Yes, yes, yes, I know I should tell folks about the divorce. I was hoping when my younger cousins came to visit this summer I could tell them and they would disseminate the information. They had to cancel the visit, though, because my youngest cousin got a freelance filmmaking gig in L.A.

I was thinking my mama would tell it, cause she tells every-damn-thang else, but noooooooooooo she's holding this one close to her chest.

My oldest cousin won't tell it cause it's not his business to tell and he's not messy. Which is why I tell him stuff cause he will take a secret to the grave. Damn him.

So, Mr. SLS is trying to rearrange stuff and see if he can go home with me and attend this 90th birthday party for my Grandma. I'll tell him about the promise I made that he would play a song at the party on the trip down.


If At First You Don't Succeed....

My mother's next door neighbor has been married four times. Her first husband -- we'll call him Mr. Smith -- was her son's father (her son is my age and we grew up together).

When she got married the second time, my family was at the wedding as we all attended the same neighborhood church. It was pretty, the cake was good. I think I was 10. They moved into her house. He (we'll call him Mr. Jones) was friendly enough. And nosy. He reported everything to my mama he saw me do that kinda crossed a line. Then one day he was gone. By then I was in college.

When she got married the third time, I had been living away from home for awhile. I didn't even know she had remarried. My mama said nobody knew, really, dude just showed up one day and was living with her. This guy wasn't as nice and friendly as husband no. 2 so he didn't fit in with the neighborhood. ALL my mom's neighbors have been living there since I was a kid. When I go home I have to stop by and say hello and catch up and stuff.

The fourth husband is a very nice retired man who looks out for my mama by taking her trash cans to the curb and bringing them back and stuff like that. He always chats me up when I go home. Yes, he lives in her house, too.

I should note that I have never called her anything other than Mrs. Smith. Well, not true, for about five mins I called her Mrs. Jones and then when he was gone, I went back to Mrs. Smith and that's been that.

Would you do all this marrying and divorcing? Would you move all these men into your house each time? Do you think she moved them into her house cause she knew the relationships prolly wouldn't last, so why bother relocating, moving her stuff and all that?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Days Driftin' Away

I was thinking about all I did this summer and decided that, dammit, I had a really great summer of 2011! Whoohoooooo!  

I developed new friendships and renewed some old ones. I spent quality time with my mom and niece. I went on some fun dates. I went to the beach. I did some career networking.

I was also thinking about the teacher and realizing that, sometimes, people come into our lives for reasons other than why WE think that they are there.

For example, I had a mad crush on him and thought he was going to be a romantic interest for me. That didn't happen. But, on reflection, that may not have been why he was placed in my path.

See, I have to admit that if it hadn't been for some things he said, I would not have stepped up and filed for divorce. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I was going to resist when Mr. SLS brought up that we needed to talk about it. But, I needed to file for divorce. Doing that gave me some power back in this situation. For so long now, I have felt like it was all out of my control.

The teacher also led me to reflect more on my faith and spiritual life. I am contemplating trying, again, to find a spiritual community. I have often wondered if Mr. SLS and I had been part of a faith community might we have stayed together. I even asked him that question and he thought about it for a long while and then said, very sadly, "I'm not sure. Maybe."

I also had some good dates and talks with the teacher at a time when I needed some male attention and companionship.

It's the whole reason, season and lifetime thing, I guess.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wouldn't You Know It?

Yesterday as I was walking back to work from the courthouse, I saw the WMATA offices and remembered I had "lost" my SmarTrip card so I stopped and got another one.

This morning, as I was straightening up while waiting for Mr. SLS to pick me up (we had an appt at 10 a.m.) I found the old SmarTrip card. It was laying on my dresser. In plain view. Sigh.

Mr. SLS and I stopped for breakfast after finishing our appointment and as we chatted he said something about his money being tight. I pointed out that he had been saying that all summer long and asked what was he doing with his money. He asked if he needed to be telling me all of that since we were split up and I said, you do if it means I have to wait to get MY money. Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, don't make me stab you with this fork in front of all these people.

Also I gave the other key back. I don't want access to his house, I just had emotions tied up in the key he had given me way back when.

Hope you all are having a relaxing Saturday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bits of This and That

I walked the other piece of paper we needed to file with the divorce court down to the courthouse today and now, all we need to do is show up for our hearing.

I was supposed to go out with Mr. SLS yesterday for drinks, but somewhere around 4 p.m. I decided I didn't feel like being out and I told him to just come by and have a drink instead. Then I went home, had ONE glass of wine and fell asleep like a dead woman. He called and said something something something to which I replied (*sjhaosd8907a8!*@ and then I woke up this morning. In my clothes. With my hair all mashed and crazy on one side. And all the lights on in the house. And food in pots on the stove (thankfully I had cut the stove off before I conked out). I haven't been sleeping well this week and I guess the glass of wine was all my body needed to shut down.

I'm invited to a fancy-ish party tomorrow at an embassy and I need to find something to wear. I've been looking around but I'm still not sure what to get. Remember, I said this party is TOMORROW.

My house is a mess upstairs. The other two levels are fine. If I had guests I would not be embarrassed. But the top level of my house where the bedrooms are has clothes strewn from one end to the other. It's a mess.

I'm not ready for it to be cold. I don't like to leave the house when it's cold.

This week was a busy one at work, but in a good way. Not all hectic and crazy, but more ideas and brainstorming. I like that.

Ever since I came home from the beach, I have been cooking dinner in my house.

The city offers free aerobics and weight training classes at one of the THREE community centers near my house, so I signed up.

And since this is a post about random nothings, here ya go:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The last anniversary

This is a pic from our reception.
I decided I want to use this last wedding anniversary to remember my wedding day.

Four years ago on a beautiful sunny Saturday, I got married in a garden surrounded by 50 of the family and friends who were dearest to me and Mr. SLS, which included the officiant and the musicians. We had just one outside vendor, the florist. Everyone else was a friend.

I woke up sad that morning because it had rained so hard the night before -- like torrential rains where you could barely see out of the windshield -- that I didn't think we would be able to have our garden wedding and instead would have to take the whole operation inside.

I went to get my hair done and when I stepped out of the house it was still misty and damp. I decided to get over it, cause inside or out, I would be married to Mr. SLS and that was the best part of the whole thing.

I talked to Mr. SLS (I was at my house and he was at his, we didn't see each other before the wedding) and everything was loverly.

I ate breakfast with my mom. The makeup artist came to get me all painted and spackled. My photographer friend met me at the the house to take candid shots of me getting ready, my little filmmaker cousin was at the wedding location taking video. And as I was leaving the house, I talked to my friend who was staying a block away from the wedding location and she told me the sun was out and shining and everything was all dried up and the garden wedding was on.

I showed up, got dressed, walked down the stairs, met up with my daddy, walked outside and down the aisle and met Mr. SLS at the altar. I vowed to love him and laugh with him 'til death did us part.

Now back to reality: In the past four years we have gone from madly in love to divorce. I always thought that we talked about everything and communicated well. We went to a trained counselor before we got married, not just the two or three sessions with a pastor cause we wanted to start off on the best footing. We agreed that we would always be honest with each other, no matter what, so that we could fix problems before they grew too big. We agreed that if a problem got too big for us, we would return to the counselor. I supported him with his music and he supported me with all my harebrained schemes. We were the best of friends and didn't have money problems or bedroom problems and we talked to each other.

Yet somehow, we still ended up here. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deadlines and absent-mindedness

I walked down to the courthouse today to turn in the paper showing that Mr. SLS had been served with divorce papers.

Thank goodness I did because it turns out he needed to respond within 20 days of the date on the piece of paper I was filing and of course he hadn't done that. And the 20th day is Friday. In his defense, though, he didn't know. Shit, I didn't know. I talked to him though and we will have it filed by Friday.

What's a little bit funny is in the same conversation about divorce papers, we talked about hanging out on Thursday to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

We might be crazy. LOL!

I lost my SmartTrip card. Somewhere. I have had that card since 2000. That very same card. I don't lose stuff like wallets and keys etc. Didn't I tell y'all the other day that I had the same key Mr. SLS gave me back in 2006? Before my mama changed the locks a couple of years ago (thanks brother dear) I had the same key to the house that I had had since I was 7. It was blue.

I DON'T LOSE STUFF. Or misplace stuff. Except now I do all the time. I just found $8 in my office drawer. I have no idea when I put it in there. Or why.

For two weeks I couldn't find my favorite earrings. Turns out they were tucked in a suitcase pocket. I have no idea why.

I'm still looking for the clutch bag I bought for my birthday last year. It's in the house....somewhere. Prolly next to the SmartTrip card. And my gray shoes.

Which ALLLLL reminds me of this book I had when I was a kid. I loved this book. I wonder where it is?

Fewer responsibilities

As I was riding home from work the other day and thinking about how I couldn't wait to get home and chill out, it occurred to me how much easier it is, sometimes, to be single.

Don't get me wrong, love is love and I love it, but there is something to be said for not being responsible for someone else. Not always having to consider someone else when making even simple decisions, such as what to have for dinner, whether to stay in on a Friday night, what to watch on TV etc.

And I say this as someone who had an easygoing spouse. If I was happy, Mr. SLS was happy. He could eat a bowl of cereal every night for dinner with no problem.

But there's this freedom in coming in and dropping my bag at the front door, making a PBJ, falling down on my sofa to watch trash TV and not feeling like I need to clean the house or be all cute or be focused on another person and their needs.

For as long as I am single -- and as I've said before, I am not rushing to get into a relationship anytime soon -- I will enjoy this peace. In fact, I'll use it to figure out when I'm ready to date seriously again. When I get tired of being solo and feel like I'm ready to nest again, that's when I'll put myself out there.

This is such a different headspace than I was in at this time last year. I remember going to an annual party that we always attended together (which is coming up soon, actually) with a girlfriend last year and practically being in tears about being there without him, not knowing how to answer the hostess when she asked where he was and stuff. Even though we were done then, I was still grieving and not ready to accept that all my plans, hopes and dreams for the future were kaput.

But in the end, life is what you make it. I'm going to make the most of mine!

Oh My

I've watched this twice now and I still don't quite know what to make of it...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking a deeeeeeeeeep breath

This week could be a hard one.

A year ago tomorrow my Granny died.

My fourth and last wedding anniversary is on Thursday.

Mr. SLS moved out three days after our anniversary last year.

Yep, it could be a hard one.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unexpected Saturday Fun

Yesterday I was lounging about the house relaxing and considering whether I should go out into the world or stay in and be a couch potato when I got a text from a friend: "Join me for mani/pedis on U Street."

I needed to get the feet and hands worked out and a brow threading, too, as I was sked to have a drink with a dude last night, so I got up, fluffed up my freshly done hair, put on some lip gloss, mascara and a cute outfit (hey, it was Saturday), threw the top back on my roadster, put my shades on and rolled out.

I must have done a good job cause a dude in a car next to me at a red light said he was going to hop in the car with me cause I was so cute. LOL!

Anyway, I met my girlfriend and we did our mani/pedis, then went to have some drinks (I blew off the dude. Why leave my friend I am having fun with to meet up with some dude I wasn't really feeling?) and snacks.

Then we decided to throw the top back on my car and ride around town. As we were rolling we passed Lauriol Plaza and remembered we had another friend who lives a block from there. So we called her and she was cooking out with some neighbors and invited us over.

We stopped to get a bottle of Prosecco (we likes the bubbly!) and spent the rest of the night on one of the TWO rooftop decks of this beautiful renovated Dupont Circle rowhouse sipping wine, petting dogs, listening to music and laughing.

It was a great day.  *satisfied sigh*

Friday, September 9, 2011

Keys and Locks

About four months after we started dating (we decided to be exclusive about two months in), Mr. SLS gave me a key to his house. It was unexpected and my response at the time was, "I'm not giving you a key to my house." He said that was OK, but he wanted me to have his key and to use it.

I kept that key until July of this year. He was traveling with the band and left me his car to use when my mom and niece were visiting (my car is a two-seater). When he came back, I was working late and he came down there to get the car keys except I forgot them at home.

So I gave him my key to his house, the one he gave me way back in April 2006. At the time I thought I was loaning him the key...to his house. But he decided there was no need to give it back. He said even though I hadn't used it since moving out there was always that chance that I might get randomly pissed off, bust up in there and knock some ish down.

This caused me to hyperventilate. I had a lot of feelings tied up in that key -- it was the key he had given me to his heart, it was the key to our home -- taking it back meant all those things were gone. Nevermind that he hasn't ever had a key to my house. Or car. It was still a very emotional moment.

I got over it, obviously, but it's just one more thing on the road to divorce. One more loss. One more emotional moment.

Last week before I left for vacation, my housekeeper came by to pick up her check and handed me a key. It was her copy of the key to Mr. SLS' house where she cleaned when I lived there.

I sent Mr. SLS a text that said "MWAHHAAHAAAA I have a key to your house again, [housekeeper] just gave me her copy. *rubs hands together and cackles*"

He told me to hold on to it. Here's hoping I don't get randomly pissed off, bust up in there and knock some ish down. LOL!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Believe I Will Survive

When I was driving to the beach last week I was flipping through the radio stations because I didn't have my iPod radio thingy.

I stumbled on this song and for some reason while listening to it I felt so moved -- filled by the spirit maybe? -- I don't know, but I started crying and singing with them. I didn't even know this song.

I've said several times here that I don't go to church. But, as the song says, I believe.

When I was riding down the road I was carrying some heavy stuff with me. A LOT of disappointment, both in myself and other people.

But coming back I felt....light. Free. I needed that time away.

Anyway, I want to share the song with you, it's by James Fortune & FIYA:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GREAT GOBS OF GOO! *fans self*

Things that puzzle me....

If I tell you to look for something and you spend 30 mins looking for it very narrowly -- whining the whole time -- never thinking to do a general search and then once I get free, I sit down and find it in 2 mins, why are you working here?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Love? Meh.

I started watching this series from the beginning last night thanks to Netflix and the first two episodes seem to focus A LOT on the bedroom time the husband shares with his wives.

I can't figure out how that man goes to work or even functions everyday when he's poking a different woman every night. I mean, honestly, this is not a young man we are talking about here!

I'm not sure I'll finish watching the series though, because other than wondering about his neverending stamina, I wasn't really wowed enough by it to stick it out for five or six seasons worth of DVD watching.

Nope, I'm waiting for THIS to come back: The Walking Dead!

UPDATE: I forgot I had access to HBO GO. Turns out I can watch all the Big Love episodes there. I might do it one cold rainy day.

How Insensitive -- Tom Jobim and Sting

Annnnddd I thought of something. I heard this version of Insensatez for the first time last week while lounging on the beach and I was like, OHMAHGAH TWO, not one but TWO, of my fave artists performing one of my fave songs!!

So then I texted Mr. SLS to ask him WHY HE HADN'T TOLD ME ABOUT THIS?!!! And he admitted to just never thinking about it. Mind you, this man gave me an "immersion class" in Sting and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Hmph.

Anyway, this collabo with Sting is one of the last recordings by Jobim before he died.

Here's a live performance of Jobim doing Insensatez, in portuguese of course:

AND here's Sting doing it acappella with a small clip at the end of them in the studio together at the piano:

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.

Um. Oops!

I keep a list of blogging topics on my phone so on days when I am stumped I can whip out one of those evergreen topics and give y'all something.

But see what had happened was....

OK, I left my phone at home today. And I'm stumped.

You know what it is? It's like when Mary J. Blige first came out and she was all hurting and in pain and then she got clean and fell in love and her music changed and people were like, "Wha? I don't like this Mary! Give me the old Mary with the dramerz!" (<--I still laugh about Dwight of RHOA mispronouncing drama, so thought I'd use it here)

Cause, see, I was hurting before I left on vacay and for the past little bit I've been writing from that perspective and, as my August count will attest to, I had a lot to say about that ish. But now I am over it and back to my regular sassiness!

Maybe I'll think of something later.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day people!!

I got back from vacation yesterday with a serious tan and feeling very relaxed.

Hope all of you are having fun today and take care.