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Friday, September 23, 2011

Being a Great Auntie!

Everybody in Mr. SLS' family including and especially him has asked me to please not cut off my relationship with his 5-year-old niece. They feel I am a great influence on her, she has two brothers and no sisters or girl cousins (or any cousins at all for that matter as we didn't have kids and Mr. SLS' sister and her husband have no children) and she is very very attached to me.

As a result, I talk to her on the phone every now and again, and I decided recently that I would revive our once a month activity days. This Sunday I am taking her to see The Lion King and when I talked to her last night about it, she was so excited she could barely eat her dinner.

But what's always cracked me up about this little girl is she is a child, but grown too. Not in a sassy, side-eye way, but in her curiousity and her conversational skills. When I had my surgery back in 2009, she and her mom came over and brought dinner. She insisted -- at 3 -- on serving Mr. SLS his dinner and then they sat at the table talking. About what I don't know as I was posted up on the sofa, but whenever I glanced over at them they were just chattering away as she kept replenishing his plate.

Because her mom is not American and was raised as a Muslim, I've been able to do little stuff with her that her mom didn't know about, such as dye Easter eggs. She told me I was the coolest auntie EVER when we finished that project.

We've baked cookies and made rice krispie treats. We've gone to museums and ridden the bus and the Metro.

Next month we're going to do Jack-o-Lanterns and in November we'll do some kind of craft project (the beauty of being the child of a first grade teacher is that I know what to do with little kids, LOL).

I like being the fun auntie. Here's another fun auntie (and I know Lucille Ball played this role, too, but Rosalind Russell did it best):

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  1. Mywhateva9/24/2011

    too funny. enjoy the movie.


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