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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Love? Meh.

I started watching this series from the beginning last night thanks to Netflix and the first two episodes seem to focus A LOT on the bedroom time the husband shares with his wives.

I can't figure out how that man goes to work or even functions everyday when he's poking a different woman every night. I mean, honestly, this is not a young man we are talking about here!

I'm not sure I'll finish watching the series though, because other than wondering about his neverending stamina, I wasn't really wowed enough by it to stick it out for five or six seasons worth of DVD watching.

Nope, I'm waiting for THIS to come back: The Walking Dead!

UPDATE: I forgot I had access to HBO GO. Turns out I can watch all the Big Love episodes there. I might do it one cold rainy day.


  1. Stick with it!  I don't recall being impressed with the first few episodes but I came to really love this show.  The characters (especially the wives) are really well developed.  The bedroom thing will become minor and the relationship between the wives will start to shine.   I'm so sad that it is all over.  I'll miss Barb, Nicky and Margene.

  2. Mywhateva9/06/2011

    Ew! No interest in this at all, real or fake. I'm obviously NOT in the HBO demographic.


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