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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Believe I Will Survive

When I was driving to the beach last week I was flipping through the radio stations because I didn't have my iPod radio thingy.

I stumbled on this song and for some reason while listening to it I felt so moved -- filled by the spirit maybe? -- I don't know, but I started crying and singing with them. I didn't even know this song.

I've said several times here that I don't go to church. But, as the song says, I believe.

When I was riding down the road I was carrying some heavy stuff with me. A LOT of disappointment, both in myself and other people.

But coming back I felt....light. Free. I needed that time away.

Anyway, I want to share the song with you, it's by James Fortune & FIYA:


  1. Stillwaters20139/08/2011

    woot woot!! He's the minister of music at my church, I'm glad his work is spreading everywhere!

  2. CaliGirlED9/08/2011

    Amazing song! Thanks for sharing Sassy!

  3. Mywhateva9/09/2011

    beautiful song.


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