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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed....

My mother's next door neighbor has been married four times. Her first husband -- we'll call him Mr. Smith -- was her son's father (her son is my age and we grew up together).

When she got married the second time, my family was at the wedding as we all attended the same neighborhood church. It was pretty, the cake was good. I think I was 10. They moved into her house. He (we'll call him Mr. Jones) was friendly enough. And nosy. He reported everything to my mama he saw me do that kinda crossed a line. Then one day he was gone. By then I was in college.

When she got married the third time, I had been living away from home for awhile. I didn't even know she had remarried. My mama said nobody knew, really, dude just showed up one day and was living with her. This guy wasn't as nice and friendly as husband no. 2 so he didn't fit in with the neighborhood. ALL my mom's neighbors have been living there since I was a kid. When I go home I have to stop by and say hello and catch up and stuff.

The fourth husband is a very nice retired man who looks out for my mama by taking her trash cans to the curb and bringing them back and stuff like that. He always chats me up when I go home. Yes, he lives in her house, too.

I should note that I have never called her anything other than Mrs. Smith. Well, not true, for about five mins I called her Mrs. Jones and then when he was gone, I went back to Mrs. Smith and that's been that.

Would you do all this marrying and divorcing? Would you move all these men into your house each time? Do you think she moved them into her house cause she knew the relationships prolly wouldn't last, so why bother relocating, moving her stuff and all that?

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  1. Probably not.  I have a friend who maintains this school of thought; if she gets a divorce or her husband dies on her, she will re-marry.


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