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Friday, September 9, 2011

Keys and Locks

About four months after we started dating (we decided to be exclusive about two months in), Mr. SLS gave me a key to his house. It was unexpected and my response at the time was, "I'm not giving you a key to my house." He said that was OK, but he wanted me to have his key and to use it.

I kept that key until July of this year. He was traveling with the band and left me his car to use when my mom and niece were visiting (my car is a two-seater). When he came back, I was working late and he came down there to get the car keys except I forgot them at home.

So I gave him my key to his house, the one he gave me way back in April 2006. At the time I thought I was loaning him the key...to his house. But he decided there was no need to give it back. He said even though I hadn't used it since moving out there was always that chance that I might get randomly pissed off, bust up in there and knock some ish down.

This caused me to hyperventilate. I had a lot of feelings tied up in that key -- it was the key he had given me to his heart, it was the key to our home -- taking it back meant all those things were gone. Nevermind that he hasn't ever had a key to my house. Or car. It was still a very emotional moment.

I got over it, obviously, but it's just one more thing on the road to divorce. One more loss. One more emotional moment.

Last week before I left for vacation, my housekeeper came by to pick up her check and handed me a key. It was her copy of the key to Mr. SLS' house where she cleaned when I lived there.

I sent Mr. SLS a text that said "MWAHHAAHAAAA I have a key to your house again, [housekeeper] just gave me her copy. *rubs hands together and cackles*"

He told me to hold on to it. Here's hoping I don't get randomly pissed off, bust up in there and knock some ish down. LOL!

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