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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Musical Chairs

Other than my oldest cousin, nobody in my mom's family knows I am divorcing.

My mom is throwing a 90th birthday party for my Grandma in a couple of weeks. My Grandma wants to see her favorite grandson-in-law, Mr. SLS. At her party. Surrounded by all my family. Who don't know we are divorcing.


Yes, yes, yes, I know I should tell folks about the divorce. I was hoping when my younger cousins came to visit this summer I could tell them and they would disseminate the information. They had to cancel the visit, though, because my youngest cousin got a freelance filmmaking gig in L.A.

I was thinking my mama would tell it, cause she tells every-damn-thang else, but noooooooooooo she's holding this one close to her chest.

My oldest cousin won't tell it cause it's not his business to tell and he's not messy. Which is why I tell him stuff cause he will take a secret to the grave. Damn him.

So, Mr. SLS is trying to rearrange stuff and see if he can go home with me and attend this 90th birthday party for my Grandma. I'll tell him about the promise I made that he would play a song at the party on the trip down.



  1. If he does all that for you, he's the best ex-husband EVER!

  2. Thirteenlbs9/22/2011


  3. Well, at first it was because I thought we would get back together and my family will hold a grudge like no other. My husband would have been dead to them if I had told them before I knew for sure it was over.

    Then I didn't tell it because, yes, there was some shame in not being able to save my marriage.

    And then I was like, well, what do I do, announce it on Facebook? Send everybody a letter? I figured it would just creep through the family gossip vine except the folks who know ain't talking.

    And now my Grandma wants to see her grandson-in-law. So here we are. 


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