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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Quick Post Before I Head South....

My mama has this plan for me to bring my Grandma to her party so it can be a surprise. Did I mention that this is my Grandma's 90th birthday?!

OK put aside the fact that this "surprise" might make this my Grandma's LAST birthday and let's talk about how she's still sassy and working us.

The plan is I call Grandma and tell her I am coming home for the weekend and am taking her to lunch on Saturday, so go in your closet with all those boxes of shoes and matching hats and handbags and get your cute outfit all laid out now.

I do this. Grandma's response? "No, I'm wearing overhauls (her word for jeans)."

I say, no, we're going to be beautiful ladies who lunch on Saturday, so you need to have on a pretty dress.

Her response? "If you want me to wear a pretty dress then you need to buy me one. Otherwise, I'm wearing overhauls."

So, I say, "I'm going to tell my mama!"

She says, "Tell her! I'm HER mama! And then both of y'all can go shopping and get me a pretty dress."


Have a good weekend everybody! LOL!

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  1. Mywhateva9/30/2011

    Oh, you have to love a woman who speaks her mind. I guess you and your mama will be buying grandma a dress!


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