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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things I Learned Hanging Out With A 5-Year-Old

As I noted a couple of posts ago I took Mr. SLS' niece to the movies today. It was a good little outing and I learned a few things that I will share here:

  • Her mom is 37, which is old but nowhere near as old as her dad, who is 50. That is old. As hell. I made sure to inform her that I was 25 and Uncle SLS is 75. *snicker*
  • Boys play too rough.
  • She is in kindergarten and they have rules. She likes it when people follow the rules.
  • Even though it looks like you can touch the things on the movie screen, you really can't it's the glasses playing a trick on you.
  • Mac and cheese is good because of the cheese.
  • Even if you get up late you should eat breakfast. 
  • The school bus is yellow like the lines in the street. 
  • My car should have a backseat. 
  • My car is fast. 
  • You don't have one friend when you're in school, every one in class is your friend when you're in school.
And there's this tidbit that reminded me that kids see and hear everything:
  • Her daddy takes his wedding ring off a lot when he leaves the house. 
ANYWAY, we set a date for our next outing which will be going to a pumpkin patch because she drew a picture of her picking pumpkins so I thought I would try to make that come true. I just have to find a pumpkin patch. It was a good way to spend what otherwise would have been a lazy Sunday.


  1. tiffanyinhouston9/25/2011

    WHOA at that last tidbit!!!

    Glad you guys had fun, my niece is fun as has been asking me to come and get her, thinking I need to set up a play date now!

  2. Digal7049/25/2011

    Out of the mouths of babes.

  3. Children see and know more than we would ever think !

  4. If you go to the pumpkin patch you HAVE to go on  a hayride.  If it's available.  Way to go cool Auntie.


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