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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unexpected Saturday Fun

Yesterday I was lounging about the house relaxing and considering whether I should go out into the world or stay in and be a couch potato when I got a text from a friend: "Join me for mani/pedis on U Street."

I needed to get the feet and hands worked out and a brow threading, too, as I was sked to have a drink with a dude last night, so I got up, fluffed up my freshly done hair, put on some lip gloss, mascara and a cute outfit (hey, it was Saturday), threw the top back on my roadster, put my shades on and rolled out.

I must have done a good job cause a dude in a car next to me at a red light said he was going to hop in the car with me cause I was so cute. LOL!

Anyway, I met my girlfriend and we did our mani/pedis, then went to have some drinks (I blew off the dude. Why leave my friend I am having fun with to meet up with some dude I wasn't really feeling?) and snacks.

Then we decided to throw the top back on my car and ride around town. As we were rolling we passed Lauriol Plaza and remembered we had another friend who lives a block from there. So we called her and she was cooking out with some neighbors and invited us over.

We stopped to get a bottle of Prosecco (we likes the bubbly!) and spent the rest of the night on one of the TWO rooftop decks of this beautiful renovated Dupont Circle rowhouse sipping wine, petting dogs, listening to music and laughing.

It was a great day.  *satisfied sigh*

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  1. Thirteenlbs9/13/2011

    Sounds like it was almost perfect.  


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