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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Grandma Funny I Forgot To Share

My Grandma's niece Ann came to her party with her new husband. Ann is at least 51 years old. Now, Ann's new husband is a nice looking fella. He was clean and dressed well, smelled good.

And then Ann's husband smiled and he looked like this:

I'll pause and let you take that in.

Anyway, Ann's husband was talking to me about how he has TWO roadsters like mine, though admittedly, I missed much of what he said cause I couldn't tear my eyes away from his gold tooth. After he helped my uncle put my Grandma in my car, he and Ann rode off in a shiny new BMW.

As I drove Grandma home I said in passing that he seemed nice and that I wondered what he did for a living.

My Grandma pursed her lips and said, "Whatever business it is it's criminal cause that's the only kinda business he can be doing with all those cars and that gold ass tooth in his mouth." (Note: My Grandma says she doesn't cuss. According to her, shit and ass are NOT cusswords).

I can't WAIT until I'm 90 and can say whatever.in.da.hell.I.want.to. LOL!

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  1. Singlelif10/15/2011

    Sounds like Ann's husband thinks his self-worth is somehow tied into what he owns and can brag about.  iCant with the gold tooth brothas...#WayTooMuch


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