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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Helllllooooo world!

I just opened up the blackout blinds in my bedroom and let the sunlight wash over me. It was a wonderful moment.

I want to be a slug today, but I have a house guest coming on Tuesday and a party to attend tomorrow night, so I needs to get to cleaning up in here. The guest room is always clean and clean fresh sheets are always ready, it's just my room that needs some work. And I need to clean up the mess I left in the kitchen yesterday.

My mama told me to stop posting ugly 1970s-era pictures of her on Facebook. Of course you know this means I'm about to post another 1970s-era pic of her on Facebook, right? LOL! I love those pics of my parents looking like Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

I do believe my daddy is feeling some kinda way because I haven't called him in a bit. I email him all the time but he wants phone calls. I hate talking on the phone though! In any case, I think he's pouting.

I had a dream about the teacher (the one I dated earlier this spring and summer) last night, but I don't remember it. He's reached out to me a couple of times in the past month or so but I haven't responded. He hurt my feelings and I am not inclined to forget or forgive. Sorry Charlie.

I've been reading about being a pet owner and realized that I have made some mistakes with my friend's dog that I keep sometimes. He's adorable, but he's a dog. I don't treat him like a dog. Apparently, that is confusing for a dog. It explains some of his anxiety when new people come to the house (he tinkles on the floor when new people show up).

Since the summer of frolicking has ended, I've just been going to work and coming home. No volunteering, no personal enrichment activities, nothing. I'm OK with being that boring for right now, but I need to get on the good foot and sign up for a class or something for the new year.

I got a good annual review last week at work. I didn't think I wouldn't, but you never know. I'm coasting though. Need to challenge myself some more.

I'm going to make a fish stew next weekend. I've been cooking in my house fairly regularly. I think I'm getting back to feeling like this is my home. Didn't realize it would take so long to readjust to living in MY house again. I do miss my cats though. I only lived here by myself for a few months before they came to live with me and being here without them makes the house seem so odd. And quiet. No knocking stuff down and waking me up in the middle of the night. No getting shut up in a room and then meowing and sticking their paw under the door trying to get my attention. No meeting me at the front door meowing cause they are ready for dinner. No walking around the bed and on my head all night. No laying on the clothes I just laid out on the bed for work. No hiding in places and jumping out and scaring me. They are fat and happy though with their new owner. My mom and Grandma visit them all the time.

What's going on with y'all?


  1. Mywhateva10/30/2011

    still want to get the hell out of here. having a ball with parenting, going back to my part-time gig to pay for Christmas, need new ft job, still can't cook. hmm, you may have inspired a blog post.

    as for you, forgive charlie and let a new guy step into ur life, call yo daddy, get you a small dog or two -- poodle, yorkie, for example. dogs are way more lovable than cats and some -- like the ones mentioned -- don't shed or shed very little.

  2. Imma need you to learn how to cook. IT IS NOT THAT HARD! Look how well the turkey turned out last year!


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